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  • Italian TRM Network interview Riccardo Tossani

    Architecture and Urbanism in Tokyo and Japan is examined in an interview with Riccardo Tossani on Italian TRM Network. (Italian language) (2016/1/2)

  • Aljazeera on Okura Hotel demolition

    Riccardo Tossani interviewed on the erosion of architectural heritage in Japan and the proposed demolition of Tokyo Hotel Okura to be replaced with a glass skyscraper. (2015/9/1)

  • ABC features Riccardo Tossani on "AusBizAsia"

    ABC, Australia Network features an interview with Riccardo Tossani on "AusBizAsia", broadcast on Australian ABC Networks: The clip can be viewed at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N79_SOuALno (2014/9/1)

  • Japan Properties blog interview

    Niseko and foreign involvement with development in Japan(2013/10/10)