Maruni Japan features Hanaridge Residence 1, Niseko


Maruni Japan’s feature observes that: “Riccardo Tossani Architecture’s style of architecture is based on analyzing rational aspects such as site, climate, sunlight, and culture. For example, in Japanese houses, the line between private and public is blurred. [RTA’s] architecture is simple and functional, but not too orderly, and the details are accented with crafty designs and solid materials themselves.”

In an Interview with Atsuko Itoda, Chief Interior Architect of Ricardo Tossani Architecture, Ms Itoda says the planning and design is “built with the desire for people to experience the richness of spending their holidays as a family gathering together under the same roof. The value [of] family time is not something [unusual], but it is often taught anew by people from overseas. After skiing, we want you to spend your precious time enjoying a warm and [delightful] meal and conversation around a large table under the same roof while feeling the magnificence of nature.”