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Each design challenge is a unique opportunity for invention and expression, integration of artistic imperatives and pragmatic needs, and for the critical reexamination of cultural norms.


Riccardo Tossani, Architecture (RTA) is a multi-disciplinary, creative design studio that breaks down the distinctions between traditional disciplines. Architecture is advanced through the integration of all aspects of design, addressing planning, buildings, interiors furniture and landscape. Our capabilities ensure that these are tightly woven into an architecture that becomes part of the cultural landscape.

RTA is based in Tokyo.

Highly proficient European, American and Japanese trained architects and interior designers, licensed to practice on several continents ensure an architectural approach based on broad international experience.

Project capabilities include hotel/resort, all types of residential, corporate/office, interior design, programming and master planning. The studio also has considerable experience in product, furniture, graphic design and sculpture.

RTA is currently engaged in a variety of projects in Japan and abroad.



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  •  Ashley Brown
    Ashley Brown
    Associate, Senior architect
  •  Yasuyuki Fukuda
    Yasuyuki Fukuda
    Associate, Senior architect


  • Company

    Riccardo Tossani Architecture Incorporated

  • Address

    T+ Building 3-17-7 Aobadai, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153-0042
    T : 03.5457.1032 / F : 03.5457.1030

  • Established

    July 1st, 1997

  • Incorporated

    November 1st, 2005

  • Capital

    10,000,000 Yen

  • Activity

    Architecture, Urban Design, Interior Design, Supervision of works

  • History

    1997 Riccardo Tossani Architecture established
    2005 Riccardo Tossani Architecture Limited established
    2006 Riccardo Tossani Architecture Incorporated established

  • Board Members

    CEO:Atsuko Tossani
    Principal:Riccardo Tossani

  • Main activity area

    Niseko, Japan
    Tokyo, Japan