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Dharma Niseko

Dharma Niseko is located on Hirafu’s eclectic Momiji Street, characterized by its numerous restaurants and bars as well as eccentric building styles. Small “pensions” and hotels emanated from the ‘70s construction boom and rise of domestic ski tourism. These were later complemented with new boutique hotels and restaurants on the early 2000’s with the arrival of foreign tourists in Niseko .

Distinctive as a new landmark, Dharma Niseko employs a simple and contemporary form in an understated mountain modernist architecture, punctuated by an inviting restaurant terrace, under a maple tree canopy, projecting out towards and above Momiji Street.

The building’s skin is layered with horizontal bands of serrated, terracotta blades that catch powder snow in winter, cast intriguing shadows in summer and shimmer with changing light.

The hotel living, dining and suite rooms feature large bay-window seating framing panoramic views while providing natural light and informal comfort. Contemporary interiors with an abundance of natural materials evoke Japanese vernacular through an aesthetic of resort minimalism.