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Tellus Hirafu

Consisting of a series of interconnected towers and buildings, Tellus Hirafu was master planned and designed to exploit and enhance its unique riverside setting.

Closest to Mt. Niseko-Annupuri and ski lifts, the “Mountain” tower sits at the apex of the Tellus Hirafu resort, with panoramic views of the forest and illuminated ski fields of Niseko Grand Hirafu, together with views to Mt. Yotei, the alpine ranges behind Kutchan and the dramatic skyline of Mt. Nukkibetsu and Lake Toya. In this setting the Mountain tower is a proud landmark celebrating arrival to the resort. The rugged beauty of Niseko’s volcanic geography, together with the bold and ever-changing colors and textures of nature’s alpine wonders inspire Mountain’s interior design motif.

The “River” tower overlooks a bend in a beautiful alpine stream as it rushes past the resort below, and is nestled between the Mountain and Forest towers above a cliff leading down to the Osawa River which courses through the site and comes closest at this point. This picturesque setting is enhanced by the sound of rushing water, whose tempo and volume changes with the seasons. The effervescent sparkle of reflected light off rippled, clear water is captured in the distinctive building façade treatment, and further referenced in River’s interior material patterns and lighting. Embedded in the landscape and connecting River and Forest towers at multiple levels is the main lobby/lounge and reception facility with onsen and spa amenities below.

Perched on the edge of a heavily wooded cliff overlooking the forested river valley below, “Forest” tower enjoys a 270-degree panorama of spectacular mountain and farmland views, including Mt. Yotei and the illuminated Grand Hirafu ski fields of Mt. Niseko Annupuri. Surrounded by Silver Birch trees with characteristic shades of grey, green and silver, with shifting patterns of light and shadow, “Forest” identifies with this pure beauty through thoughtful architectural planning and interior design, engaging with and enhancing the site’s unspoiled natural beauty and endless charm. Terminating the sequence of buildings is a two-level restaurant, whose wedge shape reflects its natural promontory site while emphasizing its axial view of Mt. Yotei.


Niseko, Hokkaido