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Westin 21st Floor Penthouse Suites

The penthouse floor of the Westin Resort tower is dedicated to luxury accommodation and facilities for Westin Royal Beach Club guests. The architectural character is “tropical modern”, in deference to the Westin Resort Hotel’s contemporary architecture and picturesque beach setting on the Southern Pacific island of Guam. Extensive use of teak, Italian marble, quality wall fabrics and rattan, together with an abundance of latticework evoke the spirit of the tropics and the elegance of Spanish colonial architecture in a modern setting.

The Spanish colonial history of the island is subtly referenced in details such as the mosaic stone floor as well as the ceramic tile column in the elevator lobby, which reflect Moorish geometries and materials common to luxurious historical villas in southern Spain. The brick bond teak panel walls and stonework, together with rich carpet colors and patterns, also recall a European design heritage. High ceilings, simple decorative moldings and tall doorframes add to the dignity and quiet elegance of the 21st Floor. Mirror panels are used extensively to enhance the sense of spaciousness of the rooms and include the guests as decorative elements.

Throughout the guestrooms and public areas furnishings are in teak, woven leather and fabric, the colors and forms carefully coordinated to reinforce the feeling of a modern interior in a tropical setting. Sculpture, art and decorative objects are from the Western Pacific using South East Asian Celadon ceramics, wood and stone.

Soft lighting, cool colors and a restrained decorative approach to interior design enhance the formality and dignity of the rooms, allowing for a greater appreciation of natural assets like the spectacular ocean views and add to the unique character of the Westin Royal Beach Club penthouse floor.


Tumon Beach, Guam, USA