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Villaggio Honegger

Adjacent the historic town of Albino in the Bergamo precinct, astride a pre-Alp mountainside rising above the Honegger textile complex, Villaggio Honegger is a master planned residential community developed on sustainable design principles. Intended to increase supply of affordable and higher-end housing in the area, the master plan will also preserve and enhance existing historic amenities such as mountain trails, geological relics, farmhouses and barns and natural forests. While the development is on privately owned land, all amenities are available and accessible to the public, with particular emphasis to the residents of adjacent Albino, who have traditionally used this land for access to the Alps above. The project successfully addressed the diverse needs of the politically charged local council, who were primarily focused on its successful solutions to environmental preservation, nature-based wastewater treatment and recycling initiatives, low scale community-based residential planning and historic preservation goals.


Albino, Bergamo, Italy