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Hotel Belvedere

Perched at the top of a hillside resort, Hotel Belvedere is a 200 room resort hotel, including a 350 person performance theater and banquet hall, bowling alley, restaurnts and retail, multiple chapels and ancillary structures all situated around an artificial lake. The hotel lakeside esplanade includes a large spa facility and extensive outdoor pool and recreational areas.
All hotel interiors, furniture, lightfixtures and sculpture are by RTA, with artworks commissioned and directed by Atsuko Itoda. This high-end resort facility is located on an exclusive inland mountain with magnificent views to both the Pacific Ocean and the Philippines Sea. Quiet elegance in a lush tropical setting is emphasized by the use of natural materials and colors, as well as an architecture which recalls the island’s Spanish Colonial past.

Extensive pool areas are abundantly landscaped, but strongly formal consistent with a European manner which is evident throughout the project. The individual spa and chapel structure are integrated with the landscape and connected back to the hotel by walkways and water taxi.


Manenggon Hills, Guam, USA